Finding out Counter-Strike Source.

Counter Strike is a hugely successful game for over ten years now, with new players beginning every day. That is good overall for the gaming community, but can often be very frustrating for the new players that end up against veterans of several years or more. A learning curve is usually to be expected with any game, but in Counter Strike, it can be so frustrating so it leads to many new players giving up.

The actual disconnect between the semi-pro players and the “newbies” however is not simply extended hours of experience. There are a few fundamentals to the overall game that each players must learn. Without this solid foundation, your chances of success are slim.


It may seem like a basic thing to the experienced, but I’ve met countless Counter Strike players that have played for decades and didn’t know that you could double your chances of survival by purchasing armor at the beginning of each and every round. If possible, never play a circular without armor. With limited funds, I’d buy armor before investing in a primary weapon and just stick to the pistol.

If you are playing on a bomb map, ALWAYS buy a defuse kit. When you have to choose between the kit and armor or even a weapon sell csgo skins for paypal, buy the kit. Having a defuse kit cuts bomb defuse time down by two thirds. Defusing the bomb grants an important bonus to your team, and you will get a lot more money the next round. Choose the kit before anything else. It is THAT good.


Counter Strike features a feature referred to as “locational damage.” That means that damage is taken according to in which a bullet strikes a player. Hits to the guts mass cause a lot more damage than limb shots. Hits to the top are more often than not fatal.

When facing off against opponents, place your crosshairs just above the enemies belt if possible. Your weapon (and therefore, your shots) will rise with recoil, striking your enemy in the chest and possibly the head. This will allow you to deal out maximum damage.

Rifles deal probably the most damage and should be utilized whenever possible. I could not count the total amount of times I see new players caught using a sub-machinegun (SMG) twelve rounds into the overall game, when money is plentiful. Rifles penetrate armor better, penetrate obstacles better, shoot straighter, and do a lot more damage. Buy a rifle when you can.

Be looking for flash-bang grenades. You are able to usually hear them bouncing along the bottom before you can see them. If one lands near you, quickly turn your head another direction. This may minimize the flash effect, and possibly still make you with some sight when your enemy jumps out to attack.


If you still feel just like you are outclassed by the “regulars,” set up an area server by yourself PC and play against some bots. Bots could be configured to play at various skill levels and are a great training tool.

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